Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free Flowing Rivers

Marmot Dam
The Sandy River is a free flowing river! Marmot dam was decommissioned in July 2007 and the Little Sandy River dam was decommissioned in 2008; this is a great triumph for conservationist, fisherman, and boaters, ( .)
Gold Hill Dam
The Gold Hill Dam on the Rogue was removed last July freeing 153 miles of river for Salmon, Steelhead and boaters, ( .) This is just the begining to a trend of dams that will be decommisioned in the near future.
Condit Dam
Condit dam on the White Salmon is scheduled for this year, ( )
Powerdale Dam
Powerdale dam on the Hood River is scheduled in 2010, ( )
Elwha Dam
Steps are also being taken to remove the Elwha Dam on the Elwha River, ( .)