Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spey-O-Rama part1

I was hoping to keep a daily log, so much to talk about but every night after hours of practice the only thing I thought about was my pillow.
It's Sunday night, nerves have settled, competitors are returning home from a phenomenal event! Four months ago I had no idea that I would be standing in a pool, casting a rod twice the size of me, meeting some of the best casters from around the world. The energy is dynamic and precise. Competing in a world class, double handed rod competition, requires skill and practice.

The women competitors stepped it up to a new level this year by casting consistently over 100 feet! Whitney's diligent practice payed off with two cast at 117, she took first!

The performance of the men is inspiring. My two coaches placed in the top 10. Brian earned a third place and Mariusz with little practise this year made the 10th spot. Congratulation to everyone! To see results check out speypages .

Thank you Golden Gate Casting Club for your hospitality and hosting such a fun event. I love you Marty, I couldn't have done this without your support.
See ya next year!

Check back in a day or so for photos.