Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Be Thankful

Sid's positive attitude is contagious and her passion for steelhead fishing, colorful art, skiing, and dedication to her family is inspiring. Sid is the artist of a resent published book called Understanding Mont essori , which has nothing to do with fish but gave me a reason to ask her a few questions about fly-fishing anyway.
When did you land your first Steelhead? Sid: It was on the Deschutes about 1992 , the evening after I had given up steelheading. I was frustrated and tired of trying to get this illusive "thing." John Smeraglia took me out to a secret hole now known by Steve and him as Syd's hole and he knew that my fifth cast was going to be the one. And it was. I did land it which doesn't always happen with your first hook up.

What was the experiance like of landing that first fish. Sid: It was a thrill like no other. Hard to describe, but I did scream a few times and pee my pants. Being connected to a wild beast sends all their energy right to me and through me and then the respectful delightful fight is on. Actually landing the fish is a sort of solemn awesome thing too, because I get to see the beauty of the fish so close up and then let it go as carefully as possible when it is ready.

What inspires you to paint? Sid: I love color. Watercolor and pastel let me play with color and translate ideas and dreams to paper.

Words of inspiration. Sid: Be thankful.