Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Fly Fishing Journal

I can't wait to see the first issue of Fly Fishing Journal in August 09.' Being a snowborder in my younger years I've spent many hours flipping through countless snowboard magazine, gawking at images that left my imagination cringing for those endless powder days. Jeff Galbraith has been the editor of Snowboarder Magazine and since then has focused on publishing the magazines Frequency and The Ski Journal and are nothing short of the best in their respective fields! Needless to say given the reputation of these Ski magazines, The Fly Fishing Journal will be a touch of class with images that will leave you wishing you could quit your job and go fishing.

"The Flyfish Journal photography will showcase the highest quality imagery. Featuring fly fishing's greatest contemporary feats, as well as classic, timeless images that define every era of the culture." "Equally interested in publishing incredible images of fishing's unheralded and unknown. Seeking images that speak to the soulful eccentricities of fly fishing, shots rich in context, character and feeling. Creative shots the others won't run."