Friday, July 24, 2009

Bobber fishing

Bobber down?

For the steelhead and me I take swinging flies to be the most pleasurable way to pursue this fine creature. Nothing against any "other" technique its just.....swinging classic style suits my desire. I also prefer to spey cast. I have fished with bait when I was a younger kid. Went back and fourth when learning to fly fish. Went through a indicator phase when wanting to catch steelhead a number of years ago. But really what it came down to, now that I have settled in my ways, is this:

I care much more about the how I catch my Steelhead than how many fish I land.

You should also do it how you want to.
If I ask why you fish with an indicator for Steelhead and your reply is to catch more fish than swinging, then why not just use a spinning rod? Just asking. In the end you should do what is most fun for you. Swing away for me.

Some good authers on the subject to look into:
  • Bill McMillan
  • Roderick Haig-Brown
  • Dec Hogan