Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Steelhead Crash Coarse

Summer Steelhead Crash Coarse Class on August 8th!

The Steelhead are here!
Counts on the Columbia River are looking good. With the numbers over Bonneville Dam skyrocketing. It's time to brush up and learn the most modern techniques to taking steelhead on the fly. Learn all the necessary tools to being an effective steelheader!

This will be a four hour class covering:
Scandi Spey Casting
Fly Selection / Comeback Flies
Poly Leaders vs Sink Tips
Reading Holding Water
Presentation Techniques
Fighting and Landing Fish

The class will start at 9am and last until 1pm. Lunch will be included. Mia and Tegan will be preparing a BBQ for you to enjoy after the class. Class is limited to 6 students of any skill level. Price is $75 per student. Please call 503-944-9165 or email to reserve your spot and meeting point near the Portland area.