Monday, August 24, 2009

Record Year?

Boniville fish counting window
So far 413,022 steelhead have gone over Bonniville dam. The 10 year average is 215,420 at this date. The record since counting began in 1938 was set in 2001 at 633,464. The wild count that year was 149,582. The single highest count on this year was just over 14,oo0. In comparison this year we have had 10 days that would have shattered the old record and the highest single day count is now 34,053, the wild fish count is at 129,199, and we still have over a month left to add to the grand total for 2009!
In the above chart the red line is this year, the blue line is 2008, and the green is the 10 year average.

I am sure happy to be spending the next 3 months on rivers like the Deschutes, Klickitat, John Day, Grande Ronde, and Clearwater. I do not know where all the metalheads are going but I will be happy in the proccess of finding out!