Monday, September 28, 2009

home sweet home

The trip to the Clearwater River was great. Mia, Tegan, Cedar, and I enjoyed so many different aspects of the adventure. All the good friends and new ones made shared similar passions. The whole Poppy family and their warm hospitality was nice.

We showed up 4 days before the clave and had the opportunity to fish a bunch, socialize a ton, and see the transformation of the wave of "spey" addicts coming to fish this great river.

Some fine photos from the trip:

A 14 foot rod is short. 90% of people throw 15' 7/8 weights here on the Clearwater. We fished 12 1/2 and 13 footers. This worked to.
  • Bruce Kruk bombs one out!

  • Miriah tying some flies.

  • Tracy Allen is a really funny man! (good guide too.) He works with Ryan Pitcher who runs a great guide service . Ask Mia about her chrome wild b-run hen!

  • Greg judges the distance.
  • I am a farther caster than Mia by exactly 1 foot according to the the record books of the "redneck" distance casting competition. Glad I don't have to hear about that for the next year. Here is Poppy setting up the course.

  • You can play a nice big Steelhead for two minutes and even get a big jump out of it on a hook with its tip broken off. You have to ask Mia about that one.

  • Cookies must grow on trees over there.

  • Tegan loves everyone! Here she rows Molly down the river.

  • Mike Kinney is a very good character with innovative instructing ideas that WORK.

  • George Cooke wants a piece of you!

  • Redneck casting crew
  • She's looking like a lefty.

Miriah, Tegan and Josh. Kids Rock!