Saturday, September 5, 2009

Must have fishing books

I spent a day on the river with Michael Powell years ago and found a photo today of our trip. We landed no Steelhead, (wait...David Moskowitz did!) and had a great day on the river. This past photo reminded me of how much I love good books. Especially fly fishing books!

Powells Books is the best and biggest independent bookstore in the world. It is bigger than the chain store by a mile. I have wasted many hours in this huge Portland bookstore. The flyfishing section alone is bigger than your average ma & pop independent store. This is one of the greatest places I have ever been to in the respect that you can find anything you want on most any subject. Give yourself some time if you go. I searched online for a few must have titles and linked them for you.
PS - The Haig Brown book below is on my wish list. Its only $1000.00 !!!!!

Mr. Powell and Marty Steelhead fishing mug shot.

Dec Hogans, a new classic, A Passion for Steelhead. Gives away a bunch of guide secrets!
David James Duncans The River Why. Will they ever make a movie based on this book? I hope not and so at the same time. All time favorite fishing/fiction!

A new great read by Scott Sadil! Our good friend from Hood River has written a winner!

Dream on!!! Check it out