Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Salmon Watch

Salmonwatch is a program through the Freshwater Trust that educates kids about the value of wild fish and healthy watersheds. Kids get to watch Salmon spawn, see a red, learn about macroinvertebrates, riparian, and water quality.

Our first stop to the Clearwater was the John Day River. With a generous donation of two Coho Salmon from Cedarcreek hatchery on the Sandy River and a hatchery from the Deschutes River that our friend caught, Ian, a fish Biologist and I spent the day showing Condon High school students the anatomy of Salmonoids. We also taught the students the difference between hatchery and wild fish, demonstrated what a red looks like and shared the life cycle of a Salmon. The students also learned about riparian and macroinvertibrates that make up the John Day watershed. Such a great program to get kids familiar with the rivers they live near. Next stop the Clearwater.Jedi shades