Friday, November 27, 2009


It is too early to reflect how epic the last few months have been. How nice it has been to spend so many wonderfull days on the water, with so many good people, in totally wild places. We have such great jobs as guides! It is alot of work and worth every bit of it. We take pride in going the extra mile to get away from the mainstream places to fish. Finding the wilderness experience can be tough nowdays unless you plan far ahead and come very prepared. In doing both we have achieved a service to our guests that leaves us all purely humble in the end.
In the last two months the LCO guides (Brian Silvey, Ted Neely, Jad Donaldson, Whitney Gould, Brian Styskal, Mia, and me) have tailed 250+ steelhead! The nice thing is, we are still going strong (and we have some limited openings for December). It has been and will continue to be a splendid season! It is easier to say on years like this, but how many fish you land is just a bonus. What it is all really about is getting out here on the river and enjoying friends, family, camaraderie, and the rawness of nature.
It is an overwhelming feeling being on a wildness float trip for 4 days, then on day 3 wake up to a snow storm and take a wild steelhead in a run after not seeing another soul for days on end.
Loving every minute of it!

The last week and a half Tegan was "vacationing" in California with her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. It is great to have here home with her vagabond parents again! We missed her!!!