Monday, December 14, 2009

Sandy River: a report

It has been really cold the last week. So cold, the John Day River completely froze over! We have been enjoying our time at home stoking the fire, but getting a bit of "cabin fever." It was time to venture out and see what was happening on the Sandy with Gregg and Anette Lauder.The first thing we ran into about a mile into the float was an ice dam that made the river impassable. Before the trip we knew the edges would be frozen but did not expect what we came across here! The ice obstruction was like an iceberg. At least a foot thick on top of the water and stretching from shore to shore. With a bit of thinking and muscle we over came the impediment.Here we take on ice dam # 2.
Besides the obvious obstacles the runs we wanted to fish swung really nice. The weather has turned far more mild in the last few days and it was great to be out even if we did not get a grab.

Or did we???