Thursday, January 14, 2010

Confessions of a Steelhead Angler

The alarm clock rings, it’s still pitch black outside. I climb out of bed and put on my musty layers of fleece and the same wool socks for the third day in a row. The weather channel reports, conditions are exceptionally favorable, overcast, 40 percent chance of rain, and 42 degrees. Ideal conditions for winter steelhead fishing. Most sane people would consider staying in bed.
But I confess. I have an addiction called Steelhead fishing. I find myself dropping all obligations to drive numerous hours in search of a new river to fish. I think about why a steelhead will take one color of fly over another. Standing in a river with rain beating down on my face is refreshing. I cherish the moments of wading into a river at dusk to just swing a fly in pursuit of an elusive Steelhead. This strengthens my soul.
While caught up in the events of steelhead fishing, I’m at best when all thinking comes to a halt and actions take over. So what if I make a bad cast, catch no fish, at the very least the triumph comes from just being present.