Friday, January 22, 2010

East Fork Fly

Rich Schaaff is a photographer and fly fisherman living along the banks of the East Fork of the Lewis River in Washington State outside of Portland,Oregon. He openly acknowledges his over-indulgence in the pursuit of trout and steelhead, but refuses to seek professional help. Instead he bought a Nikon camera which he maintains is his form of therapy on the road to recovery. He feels that taking photographs of some of the nuances of flyfishing and the landscape surrounding it will have residual health benefits. "I don't recall the actual moment my fly fishing and photography hit head on, but I knew than I was a goner." Rich moved out west a decade ago from New York City in order to avoid seeing people talking to themselves on the streets. Now he wades in rivers and still sees people talking to themselves except they are usually harmless fly fisherman blurting out a few choice words when a fish throws their hook or they take an unintentional dip in a cold river in winter.
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