Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moment of Freedom

This weekend I decided to drive out east, giving Marty some time to work on stacking wood, cleaning debrie around the yard, and hacking up on old fiberglass boat. I had arranged a babysitter to watch Tegan so I chould take Cedar out hunting and maybe swing a fly.

I dropped Tegan off at daycare and headed to the river. It felt good not having any time restraints and being on a solo mission with Cedar. The river conditions weren't favorable at all, brown and maybe 6 inches off clarity. Driving down into the canyon the air sweet sweet and refreshing. Cedar was delighted with the familiar scents, his nose was sticking out the window, up in the air like a wild coyote. We get to the bottom of the canyon and I look down a valley that has always caught my eye and decide that this is where we will take a look for some birds. We walk up the creek bed, the water is moving rapid, I look for Steelhead and watch Cedar bouncing with joy. After a few miles and no birds I decide to head to the river on the way back to the car I spot a herd of Bighorn sheep a couple hundred feet away. They watch me and I watch them, they slowly start walking away and then run. All I can hear is their hooves galloping on the ground. What an incredible sight to see wild animals running free. It reminds me of why I love watching Cedar look for birds. This is when he is at his best and I feel a part of me running with him.

We load up in the car and head to the river. I park at the first run, put on the waders, rig up the rod and decide on a black and blue fly. I fish through the first run and decide to go up river and give it one more try. I step out into the next run, make a few cast, my mind wanders and I pay no attention to the end of the line, when I feel a grab-grab. The run is shallow, maybe it was rock. I make another cast and as my fly swings over the same spot the fish took hard. Cedar saw the action going on and ran over too watch. After a few minutes I meet the fish with smiles and Cedar helps me land it. I spend the next few hours enjoying my time on the river. It's good to be free, even if it's just for a moment.