Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hardy Virgin

I’m a virgin, not literally but a Hardy virgin. I’ve held a Hardy once or twice but never had my own, until three weeks ago, a new Bougle MKVI . My heart flutters when I pull line off to cast it and hear the beautiful sound click, click, and click. My palms get clammy when I think about the first steelhead I will land. How will I play the fish, there’s no drag? I’m so use to having the drag set to help me control the fish. Maybe this explains why lately, I’ve missed three fish. Maybe subconsciously I’m thinking, “How will I land this fish?” I’ll fumble; I don’t know how to carious her aluminum spindle.
Stay tune, for my first Steelhead on a Hardy.

Tell us your story about your first Steelhead landed on a Hardy Reel. Email it to We will pick one of the great stories, that person that wrote the story will receive a dozen flies tyed by Marty and Mia and be submitted on the blog. Thanks!