Thursday, March 25, 2010

Report or Not to Report

The Sandy River is a pretty and intimate river. All the fly fishing guides like a certain section of water to get away from the "crowds." It must make everyone think this is where the best water must be. In truth, we just are looking for peace and quiet, in a beautiful place, on the river. I do not mind the company we get out there and truly enjoy seeing others appreciate such a fine place. What I am saying, if I tell everyone who is willing to look at our reports, that we landed a huge chromer today and here is the photo to prove it, then I might be facing some extra "company" on tomorrows trip.

So with that said, maybe we have been getting skunked for weeks and the fishing has been terrible. It could also be water temps are warming and small rain showers have produced some outstanding fishing. But more than likely, we have been having really nice fishing with an occasional grab, hook up, or landed steelhead, with the normal hard work it takes to get into one.

On another note I hear the coast is on fire! Just check out this photo my buddy Jad sent me: