Saturday, March 20, 2010

Writers block, Sunny Days, and Chocolate

Lately finding word to put on paper has been a challenge. Writers block, I guess, is what it’s called. Today I was inspired by being on the river in great company, warm sunny ray’s, and not your typical steelhead weather. Some might say, why bother, it’s sunny, steelhead don’t take fly’s in the bright sun. Maybe this is so, in some cases, this also being Marty’s superstition.
But, do you really need to catch a Steelhead to have fun? I don’t think so. To just be on the water and feel the movement of the current underneath the boat, the wind in my face and water seeping through my leaky waders gives me a sigh of release. Thank god for the sun! My legs would have frozen.
A smile that says it all.

Put into the mix two different kinds of chocolate, sushi, and sandwiches stacked with turkey, cheddar cheese, red onion, smothered in mayo on Dave’s Killer Bread and you have a lunch made for kings and queens.

And the best part of the day was hearing the laughter of three woman talking about memories of the past, anticipation's of the future, and living in the moment; with the faint sounds of the river in the background.

Oh, yes, we did fish but better luck next time.