Saturday, April 3, 2010

Virgins, dirty old men, and new Hardys

Hardy virgin forever?

Mia scored a Hardy Bougle a month ago and has been anticipating the thrill of the click a pawl song for some time. Mia has had quite a streak and it has gone on long enough were she felt the pressure of being a virgin with the Hardy reel as a burden.

“It’s like I joined an abstinence group for teens or something,” she says.
This streak has lasted a bit over a month with 5 or 6 trips on the Clackamas and about the same on the Sandy River. The irony of it is that she has had a grab and more commonly a steelhead takes line off the real EVERY time she has gone out to swing a fly for a steelhead. That’s a bunch of trips with a chance to land a steelhead and still no solid “fish on.”

Mia was beginning to wonder if she would become a nun of the Hardy covenant, even with her slutty desires and ongoing advances of courtship with numerous “players.”
Off to the singles bar….
Our friends Shauna ( and Dan from Wyoming came for a visit and the opportunity to do some spring steelhead fishing. Some people get the steelhead bug after they figure out a few secrets and have some ongoing success. Mia seems to be the opposite. The longer her drought the more determined she becomes. With our guests in town it provided opportunity to go out on the prowl and finally see if they could get lucky.

Aware of Mia’s predicament, and maybe feeling a bit sorry for desperate wish to, pop her proverbial Hardy cherry, our friends gave her the choice water in the first run. Zilch. In the second run Shauna took the bucket as I followed her and Mia gave Dan his fist spey casting lesson. Third run, Dan was up and once again nothing. In the true order of the rotation, I took the fourth spot only to come up with nada.

Creepy old men in a dingy dark watering hole….
With a huge run in front of us, we forgot the rotation and spread out and letting the cards fall where they may. Shauna at the top, Dan below her, Mia in the hard to fish willows, and I took the hike down to the tail out. I made a couple of casts and then I heard it, click, click, click, getting faster, faster, until clicks turned into a zzzzzz, ziping sounds.

I looked up and Mia’s rod was doubled over! I can only imagine her thoughts.

“So this is what it feels like. Should I palm the reel or just let the fish pump away?”

Whatever she was thinking I was just happy again that she had another chance to fornicate with the Hardy connected to a hard running, leaping, big dark beast of a buck. After a strong performance by Mr. Metalhead, lots of comments came from the gallery.

“For how dark and old he is that fish must have been on Viagra,” someone said. “Older men are always better lovers,” came from another voice. Mia didn’t care what others might think. This was her first and the taker of her Hardy virginity. Even if it was a dirty old man!

Speaking of virgins….
Dan on his second day every swinging for Steelhead landed this bright buck. I was just bummed it wasn’t a hen!!

Today Shauna and Dan at back at it on the river. Shauna took all the photos above and is a gifted photographer. Visit her web site here:

I have a good feeling Shauna is hooked up with an Easter chromer right now!

Happy Easter all!