Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spey-O-Ramo Saturday 4/10/2010

Half of Team Red Shed: Bruce, Gene, and Gary
Here is my perspective of today's events. It consist of chasing Tegan, socializing, drinking, casting, eating, napping, doing a slide presentation with Mia, and watching the mens qualifying for tomorrows main event.
Mia lets one rip in Practice.
The event itself is impressive. The men here are really the best of the best with competitors from all over the spey casting world. Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Norway, Canada, USA, and others I am sure I have left out. Simon on the run!
The conditions were terrible. Winds from all directions all day. The nice thing about being here as a spectator, (Mias water boy) and not a competitor, is that I get to be a fan. As a fan I have a few biased gents I was routing for today. Specifically Northwest locals and friends we have made through the years. Out of thirty something competitors the mens final is based on the top 10. My favorites that made the cut are Travis Johnson in 10th, Gene Oswald in 8th, and Brian Styskal in 3rd! Notable dudes were Scotlands Gordan Armstrong in 1st (with todays biggest casts of 152, 161, 168 and 168 ) and back to back champ Simon Hsieh in the 8th position
Team CND Japan

The finalists are:
  • Gordon Armstrong Scotland

  • Gerard Downey,Ireland

  • Brian Styskal, Oregon, USA

  • Ruairi Costllo, Ireland
  • Tommy Aarkvisla, Norway
  • Shinobu Inoue, Japan
  • Geir Hansen, Norway
  • Gene Oswald, Washington, USA
  • Michael Stanley, California, USA
  • Simon Hsieh, California, USA
  • Travis Johnson, Oregon USA
    Siv with some smooth casting.
    The women will compete ahead of the Men in the morning. All 5 women are looking solid and it could be anyones victory. Mia is looking really solid though! I am her biggest fan and am proud of how much she carries a smile on her face. No matter how she fares I am mostly impressed of her "have fun first" attitude. She has already set individual records of a 140' casts

    Best of luck to all!

The ladies of spey: Mia, Siv, Fanny, Donna, Takako, and Whitney