Monday, May 17, 2010

Best Presentation of the '10 Sandy Clave!

Tegan Sheppard gave a parking lot presentation as the grand finale of the 2010 Sandy River Spey Clave. At 2 1/2 years old she is the youngest demonstrator ever to preform at an event of this magnitude!

In the photo above Tegan shows how to get a full extension and she explains the benefit of "drift" with long belly lines. She goes on to explain the competition casting strategies used by the worlds best.

In this photo she demonstrates the power of line speed by utilizing the application of a strong forward rod stop as created by using a bottom hand pull, into the forward stroke. Tegan then explained the advantages of using well balanced equipment like the Echo Gecko and the compact yarn tapered lines she is developing with Tim Rajeff and Airflo. (I think she just plugged them) Hawkeye and Brian Silvey pick up on some of Tegans moves in the background. This photo shows the proper angle stop of your back cast. Stating "it is important to keep a cast straight by lining up your back cast to your target and casting over your fly".

To cap it off, she shows that you can cast overhead out of the boat quite well with a two hander!

Good Show Tegan! We love you!