Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wild Winter Steelhead

Sandy River Wild Winter Steelhead

Putting my Echo DH 1307 to another stress test.

Airflo 540 grain Skagit Compact with Stroft leader.

Check out how much pressure I put to this fish. I like to land them quick but in this case the river was high with no place for me to go. 10 ft downstream are overhanging trees and a deep cut bank. The fish had plenty of options and was fresh. It took a hot first run and soon after I took control and put the pressure on. It always feel like something will give and break. Be it the leader, the rod or the fish. So far for the last two years its always been the fish that gives in. The leader and rod have passed every test and besides the fish that come unhooked I feel like more are landed with solid constant pressure.

Watch full size here!


Thanks to Miguel Morejohn for the filming and editing.