Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trout Mecca!

Over the weekend we decided to take a break from fishing and go fishing. What, you say? That's right, take a break from 10 months of swinging flies for steelhead and get our only chance for trout of our year. Soon (next week) we will be Bass dirtbags for the summer. After that, it is Steelhead for the rest of the year.
So we packed up the family and made the long drive (1 hour exactly) to a super secret trout (Mecca) river running through central Oregon. This is a technical (put on Idyl's Chubby Chernobyl) fishery but we found a few.
When we arrived the stones were crawling out to join the masses already at the party. This one above was about the size of a buffalo.
These brilliant colored Salmonflies were everywhere. They seem to love the back of my neck the best.
Mia tried all kinds of flies with out much going on. As soon as she bummed a Chubby Chernobyl (thanks Cullen and Brian Whisenhunt) she hooked up and landed this nice redside and then I stole her rod and took off for an hour! They (the top secret trout) were active on the surface with the big bugs!Mia lands another fat one as seen under waterTegan had such a great time with the Salmon flies, Caddis "baby salmon flies", marshmallows, pulling invasive weeds, wearing her life jacket, blowing her whistle, playing in her "house" tent, and peeing outside!Wish we could spend more time catching these footballs. They are so strong! Running and jumping like a Trailblazer on Steroids!
Thank you Mr. trout and see you next year. If you need a good guide to this top secret fishery Brian Silvey taught us every thing we know about trout.