Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The McCloud River

A perfect time for Trout fishing usually, but the wet, cold June has created higher then normal flow everywhere in the Pacific Northwest. This did not change my plan, I dropped Tegan off at grandmas, drove 7 hours to Mt Shasta to meet up with ladies from the IWFF for a fly-fishing retreat and planned to do some trout fishing on The McCloud River and other local creeks.

I was looking forward to fishing pristine spring creek, sunshine, and exploring new water.
Burney Falls
On the way to the river I was informed about the McCloud Trout as being historic and secoundly that Nestle's was going to set up a water bottling factory in the area (sucking up water from the ground aquifer that feed the McCloud and other creeks) but after local pressure from conservation groups to abondon this plan, Nestle's aborted the idea. Go to for more information.

The McCloud River redband trout are native to the McCloud River in northern California above a set of barrier falls and in isolated headwater streams. These trout represent a primitive form of rainbow trout that is thought to have invaded the Sacramento River drainage prior to the arrival of coastal rainbow trout(Nieslen et al. 1999). These trout were originally described as the species Salmo stonei in 1894 in honor of Livingston Stone who operated the nation's first fish hatchery, which was located on the McCloud River.

Wendy fishing the McCloud

These Trout have seen every fly, Wendy and I tryed everything. Elk hair caddis, Stimulators, Parachute Adams, Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, PMD's and the list goes on. We fished riffles, pools without any action then I finally get the attention of a trout with a Chernoble Ant. I was standing on a log and saw an ant. I had just one in my box, six 6 hook, recommend for Bass, why not try it anyway. First cast out, I see a shadow come up from the cobble and attack the fly, I miss. I make a few more cast and the Chernoble is still getting their attention but after the 5th cast the trout turn off. No luck fishing this time, but always next year.

For a local guide in the area contact Vanessa Downs at: or Rachel Andreas at:

Judy and Julie going for a boat ride.