Friday, July 16, 2010

FlyfisherGirls Build a Cabin

About three years ago a good friend of Marty's said "Mia you have to meet Hannah Belford, she's a guide in BC and has just launched a website for women." Tegan was just a newborn and I wanted to connect with more woman that fished. I got on line and immediately signed up on the forum flyfishergirl .

Over the last couple years Marty, Tegan, and I have had the opportunity to fish for Steelhead with Hannah, talk about life and share a few beers. Hannah is a genuine person who cares a great deal for Steelhead, wildlife, and the environment around her. Recently, Hannah and her mom Alice along with a hard working crew, built a second camp in the woods with power tools ran off generators. I gotta say the finished camp is flawless. Way to go! To see more photos check out the flyfishergirl forum.
Name of the camp? The new camp is named 'Alder Lodge' or 'Alder Camp'. We short form our camp names, so it is generally known as just Alder. The other camps are the lake, Cottonwood (Creek), and Moss (Creek).

Hannah on the roof pounding nails

How long did it take to build this camp from start to finish? It took us 12 days, with 7 people. One of the fastest camps that we have ever built - a direct result of having great staff that knew their job and worked extremely hard. Thanks everyone!

What is your favorite tool to use? Besides all of the crucial machinery (chainsaws, chopsaws, the mill, the 4 wheeler...) - one of our most fun tools and most useful in putting up a building quick is the Paslode cordless framing nailer, which runs off of fuel cells that get up to 1000 shots (nails) per canister. It is simply brilliant!

How long have you and your mom worked together? Our family created and has been running our business for 32+ years, however my mom and i bought out my dad about 8 years ago and have worked together full time since then.

Alice building a garden shed

Any advice for a mom and daughter team, working together? I won't lie - it is not easy working with a partner in any business, and with family it can offer additional challenges but i must say it is very rewarding to be able to work with family and close friends on important projects. I would not change anything, as it is just not the same when only one of us is on the job site and not able to show the other our progress. It gives me extra strength to work hard towards finishing a goal that has been set.

Ta Da!!