Friday, August 20, 2010

Casting for Recovery Pepsi Grant

Come on everyone, lets help Casting for Recovery secure a grant from Pepsi. You don't have to be a Pepsi drinker to vote.
VERY EXCITING NEWS for the month of August! Casting for Recovery has been selected as a contestant in the Pepsi Refresh contest! If we receive enough votes, we will win $250,000! Voting will take place from August 1-31. But WE NEED YOU TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD BY ASKING EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE 3x a day...and ask THEIR contacts to do the same!
Here are the rules and voting instructions: You May Vote THREE TIMES a day for CFR. Once online (see instructions
HERE). Once by phone text (Text 101715 To: 73774). Once on Facebook HERE