Monday, August 30, 2010

NFS River Steward Retreat

THis weekend was the Native Fish Society river Stewards retreat. Administrators from ODFW, NMFS, PGE, and dedicated long time NFS members gave the stewards valuable information on conservation and recovery issues for native fish. Some of the issues discussed where about watershed management, hatchery harvest and how to be make a positive statement for the preservation of native fish. This retreat both inspired and motivated me, to not be so timid in speak out to our representatives and agency on whats important to me, the preservation of wild fish.
Bill Bakke said, "Changing management from one of depletion to one of stewardship depends on us. By organizing folks in each watershed to protect it and the fish it supports, the concept of stewardship is established. People will protect what they know and cherish."
NMFS assistant regional administrator Rob Walton giving the stewards some great information for the conservation of Wild fish.

"Feed them and they will come." Tom Derry quote.

Peter pouring the Rye.

River Steward for the Nooksack, Chris Johnson checking out Peters "reject flies."

We had a great weekend. Thank you Russ and Tom for putting this together. To become a river steward check out NFS.