Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time to Go Fish!

We have about a week left of being on "vacation." If you can call working on the house a vacation. As a fishing guide you might think taking time off to go fishing is a bit redundant. We were going to go to Baja but decided Alaska would be better. We wanted to see friends, our small shack in Wasilla (home to the famous Palin) that we haven't seen in quite a while and we wouldn't have to spend money on hiring a guide. Making it even more tempting to go on a trip, a good friend gave us "buddy" passes to fly, making a trip more affordable.
As the time got closer to leave, we decided against any travel at all, and decided to put our energy and $$$ into house projects would be a wiser, and more responsible thing to do with our small travel budget.
You know how projects ad up the dollars? We actually could have saved money going on vacation.

So here we are! Off we go on a family float with some friends to try and skate one up!

See you later...