Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guide Vacation

Every year I have a bit of down time between John Day Bass and Grande Ronde Steelhead. So what does a guide do on vacation? House projects, family time, and fish of course!

It is also is a prime time to be a guest guide on some of Brian Silveys Deschutes Steelhead trips. Brian has a bit of down time in June and comes over for some smashing smallmouth with us. It’s a nice trade to have someone else take care of most of the logistics. A working vacation if you will.

Only problem is after 6 days down and 11 to go, it might just start to feel like work…….Nah, Mia and I plan to hit the Clearwater, Klickitat (she’s on it now), Deschutes for a Mule Deer hunting/fishing escapade, and John Day Rivers in between some of the trips with Silvey. These trips with Brian are a blast and the fishing has been excellent so far.

As long as the boss has enough Pepsi, I likely won’t get fired, just written up in my end of year evaluation. But that’s ok, I will only be put on probation until next year.