Monday, October 18, 2010

Nimble Travelers

Brian O'Keefe photo
This weekend we traveled down a river with friends steelhead fishing and upland game bird hunting from dusk to dawn, picking up camp each morning, rowing to the next piece of water and hunting flats of sage.Sunset and oars photo by Brian O'keefe

The nights were perfect and crisp. A sure sign that fall is here. This is our favorite time to go exploring with so many options in our neck of the desert.

Thatcher with a beautiful wild buck!

Floating lines, small flies, and a broadside swing took care of our tackle and presentation needs. Thankfully the fish responded well. There is no way to describe the sense of soul you feel while your fly swings quietly with the flows of rhythm and then the pulse of energy that comes from the initial grab that releases adrenaline through your body.
.Brian with a Wild one. ("this ones for Zack")

It is amazing how well steelhead react when water temperatures are in the lower 50's. They readily take a surface pattern and will battle with warrior like determination. They are a glorious creature!

Marty and Tegan Photo by Brian O'keefe

With a busy work load coming very soon the best treat is to have quality time with family and friends to get prepared. Tegan has such a blast on these trips. Three days is about prefect for a soon to be 3 year old. She is just as fun to chase, as a Steelhead!


A Happy Moment photo by Marty
The reward of these magestic creatures keeps us living the nomadic life.

Roosters too! Mia photo

Pheasant and Steelhead go hand and hand. This beautiful bird will make dozens of future Steelhead flies.

Cedar loves birds and cockleburs love him. photo by Brian O'keefe

We couldn't ask for a better bird dog. Cedars natural instinct is as keen as a Steelheads instict to spawn and return to it's home waters.

Tegan loves to play on the river.

O'Keefe double hauls one out! by Mia

photo by mia
Brian serves up venison and vegs from the garden, "the best we've ever had." It was awesome being in the company of good people that share the same vison. Brian O'keefe and Todd Moen are the creaters of Catch magazine.