Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Shopping?

Today I ran into the store for a bag of groceries, a line of people stood at the customer service desk, screaming babies in the check out lines, people scrambling throughout the store to pick up that last minute gift for their mother-in-law, wife, husband, or boyfriend.
A like a bit of chaos in my life at times, but the shopping frenzy of people scrambling around me does put me on edge. I can't imagine going to a mall.
So, I did my Christmas shopping a little early this year at a local gift shop in Condon, Oregon called Country Flowers that had a great selection of nick knacks, ornaments, books, wind chimes and kids toys.
It was enough to check a bunch of items off the list. Needless to say Country Flowers was a very peaceful place to shop without the lines of people.

If your still looking for the last minute gift heres a few that can be picked up from your local fly shops or order on line at

Simms Windstopper Foldover Mittens

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We love our Tight Lines rod racks. So will they!

If you really love them go for an Echo Rod! Our Winter Steelhead choice is the DH 7130 or Solo 7129
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Merry Christmas Everyone!