Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shaking the Curse

When I was 7 years old the Portland Trailblazers won the NBA title. this was really impressionable on me and I have been an avid follower ever since. I am a huge closet fan, going to preseason games with my dad and prime time games with great clients for years. Following related RIP city blogs is an everyday habit for me.

If you follow any of this hoopla, then you too are aware of the seemingly curse the Trailblazers have in drafting a center. The Sam Bowie, Micheal Jordan comparisons to Greg Oden, Kevin Durant are hauntingly similar.

Are curses real?

Anybody know of any fly fishing curses?

Being a Steelhead guide gives me wonder if they do exist. This fall I ran into a friend on the Deschutes who claimed to be cursed, with everyone catching steelhead around him, he could not find even a grab. Of course, he blamed the fly, which was a very fine pattern of his own creation.

A stunning fly, really. Blue polar bear wing with jungle cock eyes and the O' so good purple Deschutes steelhead love. I asked to take a look, and was impressed a steelhead would not take this offering. I asked to take on the challenge and he happily wished me luck and gave me the fly. Over the course of the next few weeks my mojo left me and I wondered if the fly made a difference.

Weeks later at the end of a fine camp trip with a great group of guys I had the pleasure of awarding the winning flies of this contest (here) to Kevin. As I picked out meaningful flies and explained the history and stories behind each one I remembered the really nice fly that just would not catch a fish. I offered it up and he took the challenge. Mistake?

Kevin went the next 6 days without a landed steelhead. On the 7th day he "faced his demons" and tied it on. What happened? Lets just say another curse has been broken!

Thank you Kevin, and yes Chris your fly indeed works!