Thursday, January 13, 2011

Field testing

About a month and a half ago, we had the good fortune to receive some "test" patterns of the
new Idylwilde winter steelhead flies coming out for 2011. Our favorites have been based on water conditions and weather. One by one, we have checked them off the list as "edible." So far, we have had trouble finding one that did not work. If steelhead are near and
you fish the right fly based on conditions, you will have success! Here is our assessment of which flies worked best under certain circumstances.

Silveys Tail Light: (pros)Worked best with the river on the rise and slightly off color. Best on an overcast day. I Love em'! (cons) Tricky to rig but they come pre rigged if you wish.
Hartwicks Hoser: Most productive so far and seems to work under all conditions. Its a champion! (cons) Hard to fish other flies based on our results.

Silveynater: (pros)Very good in cold, low, and clear water conditions. Easy to cast. Get some! (cons) None, this fly gets it done.
Morrish's Cold Medicine: (pros) Great fly in the sun. Best results in deeper slots with a heavier current. (cons) A bit harder to cast. You did want to get deeper though, right?

Morejohns Spot on Prawn: (pros) When we could not get fish to move in extremely cold water this one did the trick. This pattern is a piece of art and sometimes steelhead need a little extra motivation to move that extra couple of feet to take the fly. Its a winner! (cons) It has a lot of bulk and is the hardest of the bunch to cast. Did I mention that steelhead will move more willingly to eat this thing? Deal with it.

Hickmans Flash Taco: (pros)Super fly in sunny conditions with clear or off color water. Worked extremely well in soft (not much current) water. Easiest to cast of the bunch. If the sun ever shines you must have! (cons) I don't think it has a natural fiber on it, if your in to that sort of thing.

Thanks for making us awesomer Zach!