Monday, January 24, 2011

Is BIGGER Better

Below is an except from a story a friend sent recently, it is about the theory of "is big better?"

"To some, catching a really big pelagic fish is an exciting challenge and an invigorating and memorable event. To most of us it is a dream experienced only by watching the encounters on television fishing programs. As old as humanity itself, from the club wielding early Homo sapiens to the modern day macho men, the battle where one is victorious against the largest and strongest combatant possible is the ultimate measure of a man. This notion popularized by fables, biblical connotations and video games is certainly not embraced by all, but is a priority placed by many in determining the virility of their fellow man. Our psyche has been tempered too long with the perception “bigger is better”. Certainly if we are talking about a payroll check that might be the case, but the adage is not all inclusive. Since the advent of modern day communications we have been weaned to strive for the biggest and best available, all of which is promoted by cynical advertisers. It may a worthy cause to “reach for the moon”, as long as you know what you will have grasped if you did achieve that goal. Biblical scholars were not enamored with that philosophy as many of their principles attest, as reflected in verse: Matthew 5:5, Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." Vince Grillo