Friday, February 11, 2011

Pefect Doe!

It might seem like the Sandy is kicking out a bunch of fish right now if you have been checking in with us the last few days. The reality is that it has been demanding as usual.

It takes a lot of exertion to find continual success with winter Steelhead on a swung fly, even on a guided trip. You must get up really early, deal with numb feet while wading through crazy boulder fields. Also, cast through wind or rain, and fish so hard you feel like an obsessed tracker determined to prove that bigfoot actually does exist. Basically you need to be somewhat of a peculiar individual. If that’s you, we salute you!

Tim Knecht with a chrome wild hen on February 11th.

This perfectly clean doe took Mia's “Intruddler” fly on a sink tip that was 12ft long and weighed 10 grains per foot. This fly has been producing well lately. Light weight, with a big profile, it is a dream to cast compared to those barbelled beasts . It rides high in the water column with a spun deer head. It would seem to be a fly that would not produce as well since it doesn't fit that mold of getting down deep. Sometimes winter steelhead lay in real soft water and it is hard to get a swing with out the fly hanging up every other cast. This one rides right through and has likely allowed us to fish through some pieces of water that often get over looked.

Mia's Intruddler. Part Intruder part muddler.