Friday, February 25, 2011

Playing Hooky

If your like us, your constantly thinking of the next opportunity to play hooky from work. Don’t worry, I won’t tell the boss next time I see him. Yesterday found us the good fortune for prime snowboarding conditions. This last storm brought 21 new inches to the Cascade Mountains.

I wax the board and called the babysitter. It’s all set.

Marty gets a call from the man with too many nicknames, who we could call the Zee German, he’s playing hooky too. We make plans to meet up with him. It’s going to be like the good old days. I could hardly sleep thinking about the powder shoots the next morning.

Morning’s here and I get a call from the babysitter, she canceled, her kids are sick, DAMN! That’s ok the Ski Resort has a daycare ………..for $25.00 an hour, what a rip off , but when your desperate, one will pay any price for fresh tracks. It was well worth the money.

Zach?, Me, and Marty

We get to shred land and find out the daycareis full, we needed reservations, F%$##K! Tegan might get in , but we have to wait to see if an opening becomes available. We finally meet up with the one who also answers to the likes of Jackie Treehorn. Marty gives me the go to get out and make a few turns while he takes care of getting our girl into the kiddy play land.

I haven’t strapped a board on for a month, it’s liberating to get back on the snow and make turn after turn, going as fast as I can through the trees.

Is this Jackie Treehorn, or Zee German?

Marty gets the details worked out, when a reservation doesn’t make their play time. We get hours of riding hard, taking lap after lap, the powder shoots are endless, even at noon.

Time flies when you’re having fun. We go in for lunch, pick up Tegan, who is having a blast! Next we meet up with another friend, Paul, who is also playing hooky. We spend the rest of the afternoon shredding the sweet light powder!