Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yesterday on the Sandy

We found ourselves on a steep bank, and had a chance to put a new landing net to use thanks to our friend Kevin who supplied us with this nice gift.
This one fell to Idyl's Bunny Tube.
Paul Miller of Airblaster landed this big hen. She was really fresh even though she looked like she was run over by a truck. Lots of her scales were rubbed off. Her cheeks were beat up along with a pretty deep gash on the right side. Could she have made it through one of the nets in the Columbia? Was she a survivor of the flood a few weeks ago? Whatever the case, she was nice, fat, ate Paul's fly, and fought really good!

Paul is one of the owner/founders of Airblaster, which caters to the comfort and creativity of Snowboarders. We met via email about a few things fishing related last year and I checked out his gig. I had to have one of the Ninja suits to get me through those really cold winter days. Mia, Brian Silvey, and I have been really happy with how well these things have kept us so dang warm when the rest of the masses are freezing their buts off! Check them out, this is the best underwear on the planet!