Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fellow Blogger Raising Money for Japan Red Cross

Mark Yuhina's blogs about fishing, wildlife, miso soup, and art. I have not meet Mark but know from his blog, that he is a passionate person with a big heart. Mark is raising money for the Japans Red cross by selling his water colors for half off. His painting are incredible. Support this cause and buy a painting, all proceeds go to help the people of Japan. Read more on his blog Flyintropical.

" I use photo and color paints to express my appreciation to the nature. My major art medium is watercolor. I really enjoy the spontaneous and unpredictability characters of the watercolor, especially when painting a fish. Drawing with HB pencil also has its special place in my heart. It’s a real fascinating to see those ancient people’s drawings on cave walls. I guess the drawing itself make me connected to those great ancient arts, and maybe we all start the drawing from the same feel – the appreciation to the nature. I also enjoy creating art for kids. It is always fascinating and inspiring to interact with kids. This blog is mainly served as my fishing log, and maybe mixed with some my silly daily life observations, includes music and food... hope you enjoy it." Mark