Sunday, April 17, 2011

SOR Finals

Donna O'Sullivan (2nd), Whitney Gould (1st), Mia Sheppard (3rd).
Tommy Aarkvisla (2nd), Gerard Downey (1st), Brian Styskal (3rd)
Tegan makes the trophy look so big.
Practicing after the event for next year.

The Carron Crew

Another SOR under my belt, everyone is casting very well and the bar is being raised each year. The most important thing to remember about competition is, have a good time.

It takes a considerable amount of dedication and time to commitment to competing in SOR, a lot of time is spent on a pond and it take away from winter Steelhead fishing. In the end taking the time to become a better caster will improve your odds of catching fish. I encourage more woman to attend SOR, the camaraderie of being there is a blast, also you can gain so much information about casting, it is rewarding. I congratulate everyone that get's out there and performs.

This year I was mentored by the Carron team, much gratitude to you James, Gerald, Travis, and Ruire for being there and helping improve my casting, I’ve gained a new meaning to the phrase, “WHACK IT!”

Thanks to all the generous people that donated to the Casting for Recovery pledge drive, we raised over $4400.00 , with my longest cast being 129 feet. Thank you Peggy for helping with the pledge drive, looking forward to another one. Thank you Golden Gate Casting Club for holding another great event, and most of all thanks to my biggest fans, Marty, and my family, for your love and support!

Now lets go fish!