Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Adventure

Fishing the Deschutes, Tegan about 7 months.

Some of the most memorable moments as a child growing up in Tennesse, are the times, my mom would take us to the Smoky Mountains for the weekend. Vivid memories stand out, such as the time my sister spotted a baby bear in a tree, while hiking a trail, thank goodness the sow wasn't anywhere to be seen. Or, soaking up the sun on the river banks, and coming home with the lingering smell of camp fire on our clothes. Growing up exposed to the outdoors, it only seemed appropriate that I would raise a child the same way.

Me and Tegan on the Kispiox, Tegan is two.

When we had Tegan my value of raising a child didn't change my schedule of outdoor fun. Yes, some trips became limiting but it opened the door to other outdoor adventures. Some people ask, "how do you travel with a kid?" I must say, one is easier then two but having a dog counts as a half, right.

Tegan warming her hands on the Bulkley River.

When Tegan was born, up to the age of 10 months, I could carry her on my back, in the Ergo backpack. Wading a run was easy this way. As she got bigger, I realized keeping her on the bank wasn't going to work so Marty and I would take turns fishing, and thank goodness for great
Grandparents,friends, and day cares. Day cares are in every state.
The last three years have become the best years of my life, having Tegan is the adventure. She shows me all the little details that I miss seeing, because I forget to look at the little things in life, such as a bug on a rock, or how fun it is to skip rocks in the river, or run from the incoming ocean tide. I feel like a kid again.
A warm camp fire.

Tegan has been on multi day floats on the Deschutes and John Day, traveled to the Clearwater and the Bulkley and here in a few weeks will be on the beach's of Baja. I'm really thankful to be a mom and encourage every mom out there to have an adventure with there children, whether it's setting up a tenting in your back yard or floating the river, the adventure is for you too!

Happy Mother's Day