Monday, June 6, 2011

Rooster Assault Vehicle

Just got a little update from Baja, the Rooster Assault vehicle is going strong, supplying ample shade, leg room, and cooler space for Pacificos and lime. Tegan, Marty, and I had the experience of cruising the beaches in the machine and it kicked ass. We're still thinking about Roosters but gearing up for the Bass season, water levels are high, but dropping, this will give us a longer season for catching Small Mouth Bass. Give us a call if your looking to do some topwater Bass Action.

"The Bravo, Jads 6x6 amphibious Rooster assault vehicle, which has been a great addition to the beach transpo scene. The Bravo offers better elevation for spotting on the run, endless room for stuff, quick entrance & exit, never gets stuck and has comfortable seating for 5 including guide."

Jad with a "day off" fish

If your looking for a tranquail, relaxed place to stay while visiting the East Cape or surf fishing for Rooster contact Trophy on the Fly.