Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bamboo Fever

Headwaters of the Metolius River

On our way back to Condon this weekend, we took a very long detour. Stopped at a kennel to look at a German Shorthair, and then headed to the Metolius for a little fishing, and to check out the Bamboo Flyfishing Fair. I've attempted to fish the Metolius once. It was a few years back, on a cold, snow, February day, and had no luck. This was a second attempt, with a 3 year old, pulling at my pant leg, and asking for a piggy back ride. Needless to say, no fish where brought to hand, but Tegan and I played with Goldenstones (tickle bugs) and danced in the water.

The Bamboo Fair is quint with a number of fly tyers, bamboo rod makers, antique collectors, and presentations on single hand casting. While Tegan played on the playground, I had the opportunity to try a handful of single hand rods. The feeling of holding a bamboo rod is elegant. Luckily I didn't spend Tegan's college fund.

Jason Borger gave a fantastic presentation on the fundamentals of the casting stoke, mending techniques, and a lot more. If you ever get the chance to listen to Jason, he has a fantastic teaching style with a great sense of humor.