Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

What a Melon!

The last few weeks have been a whirl wind, or I should say a tornado, returned from Baja on May 30th, rented our home for 6 months, packed out bags, and headed to Condon to live in the Garage Mahel for the summer, and Bass it up.

Sometimes I wonder how sane I am to live this vagabond life style with a 3-½ year old, a dog (looking at getting a second pointer for bird hunting) and fishing bum husband. Guess I can manage because I’m a fishing bum too.

Mom, I want to row!

I dream of a normal 9-5 job at times and then wonder, if I get that job, how will I go on that spontaneous fishing excursion for summer Steelhead or take the next trip to the bucket list of places to fish someday. If I have that 9-5 job will I lose precious moments watching Tegan grow? So I keep dreaming.

Within the whirlwind of going from place to place we are so lucky that Tegan just goes with the flow, adjusting to every new location we encounter.

Lets Play!

The last month, she has spent 12 days on the river with us. Having the opportunity to take her on river trips, watching her play in dirt, catch her first fish, and pick up skink bugs, is worth every minute. When she’s in the boat she pleads to take the oars; saying, “I want to be the guide.” She is so much fun to be around I can’t imagine it any other way!

Bass it up!

Tegan casting from marty sheppard on Vimeo.