Friday, September 23, 2011

Echo DH 5122 in review.

The Echo DH 7130 has been my winter steelhead go to rod for 4 straight winters.

Loving the fuller flex of the DH series my summer steelhead rod has been the DH 6126 but more and more I have been pulling out the DH 5122 as my choice rod.

I have been experimenting with different lines for this 5 weight an have found going lighter and lighter with the Airflo Scandi Compacts has produced a tremendous amount of line speed with the little steelhead patterns I like to swing in the low light and low wind scenarios of the Deschutes. It seemed once I went below 330 grains the rod lost load and the casting would be limited by not enough weight behind the casts to achieve a decent amount of authority over my loops. What I needed was line speed with a 300 grain line to achieve more load but with too much speed my anchors would "pull". Overhang solved this issue with dreamy results!

Overhang is the amount of running line left outside the rod tip when setting up and performing your cast. I am able to leave about 5 to 6 feet outside the rod tip with the lighter lines with awesome results. Zippy, tight, fast loops that cover steelhead runs with precision!

This little rod has the ability to land hot big fish when utilized properly. You can not be scared to bend this rod to the CORK! fight the fish with a low rod with heavy side pressure and this makes the fly line an extension of the pressure the rod brings to the battle.

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