Monday, September 26, 2011

Forget the Ipod and Go Fishing

Photo by Bruce Kruk
Who needs iPods, Smartphones, and mp3 players when you have Bad Company, AC/DC, Queen, and Merle Hagger blaring from the radio so loud, you can’t hear yourself sing or your comrades. These devices come in handy on a daily base but sometimes it’s funnier, just to forget’em once in a while, and go Steelheading .

Clearwater Steelhead
photo by Bruce Kruk

Marcy Stone making a sweet cast
It was a quick road trip to the Clearwater for the Redshed Clave, some fishing, and a whole lot a fun! It’s been a longtime since I’ve on road trip without Tegan, dogs, and Marty. I missed the family but must say, we had a blast!

Heading to another run.
Up at sunrise every morning, feeling grungy from lack of sleep, no shower, and a cold but a cup of Paul's coffee got me going every morning. It's good to be surrounded by other diehard fisherman that smell as stinky as I was and live for nothing else but to stand in a river, cast a double handed rod, and swing flies for Steelhead.

Alexander Grant
photo by: Mike Kinney

Thank you Poppy and Linda for your warm hospitality!