Monday, September 19, 2011

Small Town Flare

Marcy Stones version of the Ho-Bo Spey

I grew up in rural communities, tried living in the big cities and it only got me in trouble. I love the small town flare, the comrodary of knowing your neighbors business, the friendly wave’s you receive when driving your car past another and knowing, when you walk into the local market you usually know a person or two.

The other day I walked out to my car and found a fly on the door handle. Only in a small town would something of this nature happen. Marcy Stone, who is an amazing fisherwoman, and fly tyer left me this surprise. She was inspired by Charles St Pierre’s fly the Ho-Bo.

Here is Charles story on how the Ho-Bo was created.

I found a fly years ago on the banks of the Thompson River in BC that provided some of the inspiration for the Ho Bo; I wanted to create a fly that would fish year round for both salmon and steelhead with a balance of size, colors, profile, movement, cast ability, and a natural appeal. I've found this design with the materials used, meets the criteria of exactly what I wanted in a fly.

I named the fly the "Ho Bo" because two of my favorite rivers are the Bogachial and Hoh on the Olympic Peninsula, thus the fly became the "Ho Bo". I was very excited when after showing some samples of the fly to George Cook, who is the regional rep for Sage, Rio, Reddington, and Solitude Flies asked me if I was interested in allowing Solitude to produce them commercially.

Deeply flattered, I told him "Sure!"

I have had great success with it, as have other anglers too.