Monday, November 28, 2011

Bird Dogs and Gun Fire

Sprinting through the wide open space I feel free.

I hear a voice in the distance call, "come around"
my nose is on the ground, I smell something grand, can't turn around;
I'm so close to a bird.

My tail starts to wiggle, my human sees my excitement, she comes near.
My body becomes stiff, front leg is bent, I'm on point. The birds are so close, the pungent smell fills my nostrils, I want to explode.
Hold tight, have to wait for the fire and the cue that tells me to go.
I see her from my peripheral, now she's in front.
Birds explode, the CZ fires, bird is down,
I'm in for the retrieve. Never tasted anything so grand,
bird in my mouth, so proud, satisfied,
I bring it back, she praises me and says, "lets go find another one!" Photos by Paul Clark Black and Red Photography

When I have the opportunity to hunt with Mellisa, we have a blast! Mellisa Hertz is a guide at Highland Hills Ranch, she breeds Small Munsterlanders and trains bird hunting dogs.