Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Darcy Bacha

Local good guy and friend Darcy Bacha is doing quite well with his Snowboard/Ski Photography. You can find his work in all kinds of snow sports publications.

 Hitting the big time in this field, he recently grabbed the current cover of Powder Magazine!

 This issue is a bigger deal than normal, since it is the photo annual and the first fold out cover that Powder has ever done with the Photo Annual. This is really the ultimate complement in his profession!  

Its only a matter of time before his talent starts to find its way into the fly fishing arena. Not quite 24 years old, his "other" passion is fly fishing. We had a chance to spend a day on the Deschutes with Darcy and his buddy Dane Tudor this fall, these guys have skills beyond just being behind a lens and ski's. They can flat out cast and fish too! Rumor has it they are editing some very solid video of their Alaskan adventure from this fall. Hope to share it with you here soon.

Enjoy some Darcy Bacha images below:

Mia on the Deschutes

Darcy self portrait 

Crooked River

November Steelhead

Alaskan Bow

Alaska Char

Klickitat Crossing 
Watch for this guys epic images to show up in the fly fishing world soon. 

He's just getting started!