Friday, January 20, 2012

Next Free Spey Clinic

February 25th 2012
1-3pm at Oxbow Park Boat Ramp

Your hosts:
Brian Silvey, Mia, and Marty Sheppard

Two of the attendees from the last class (January 14) shared success stories with us. I asked if they would write a recommendation and  this is what they sent:

"I recently took a free casting clinic at Oxbow park on the Sandy river with Marty and Mia Sheppard and Brian Silvey  (Sandy River guides).  I enjoyed the casual nature of it and how we hit the water and started casting right away.  There seemed to be all levels of casters.  Young and old, male and female with a range of abilites so don't feel like you won't fit in. They stop by and give you advice on any aspect of your casting that you need help with.  For me pretty much everything.  I got some good one on one casting coaching and even some fishing and presentation advice that helped me to get into my second steelhead on a swung fly."

Thanks, Guys

"Hi guys, I want to thank you for your help at the spey casting and fishing seminar you held at Oxbow Park. The amazing thing is that your advice paid off in less than an hour after I left the seminar. I stopped at a run on the Sandy and in less than ten casts hooked and landed a chrome 32 inch hatchery buck steelhead. This after several trips to the Sandy this season produced no hook-ups at all. I took your advice about not trying to cast all the way across the river. I was able to lay out nice straight controlled casts and with the nice tight line easily felt the take. That is such a good feeling! Thanks again!" 

-Phil Senatra