Monday, March 5, 2012

Huskey, Space Invaders, and Salmo trutta

Day one of brown trout fishing is now under our belts. Day two is already started as Mia is on the water with our friend Bryan and Tegan is still asleep. 
Mia casts to a riser as Bryan works the pool below.
Neither Mia or I had ever caught a Brown Trout and we made the trek across Oregon to do just that. Thankfully we arranged to connect with our friend, filmmaker, and guide Bryan Huskey. Looking around the Owyhee you will see many trout sipping midges in the slow calm waters. You will also see people casting their size 22 midges in these spots. According to Bryan there are many successful ways to approach these big trout, and have success, but Bryan prefers to temp these spotted beauties with a faster paced tempo that is seriously fun and productive. Withing 5 minutes of day one, we had tied on a Space Invader streamer, turned our backs on the sipping midge buffet, and ripped a big fish out of a pocket of water. 

Brown Trout have some of the best smashing takes!

This one took a dead drifted Skwala.

Huskey nets a dandy.
Fishing different water than the local Owhyee anglers fish, we were able to land many Brown's on Skwala dries, streamers, and midges in places often overlooked by the average angler. What a fun day it was!

It's snowing back home. Tegan enjoying some t-shirt weather here!
Day two coming next: